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The Life of Christ

Over the past week, I had the most incredible opportunity of being on crew at the Wintershall's production of the Life of Christ. This outdoor re-enactment of the Gospel is a yearly production that takes place on the Wintershall Estate every year. The show has an audience of over 1000 people each day who follow the life of Jesus through a four act scripted play performed by a cast of over 100 volunteers in four different outdoor stage locations.

This year, I was one of the lucky few who had the chance to work as an assistant stage manager (ASM) during the full run of the 2022 production. It was the most amazing experience to be back in a theatrical production but an even more wonderful chance to work on a story that I wholeheartedly believe in.

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You can find out more about Wintershall Estate and the other productions they produce here.

It strikes me each time I am involved in a production about Jesus how strongly I believe in the message of the Gospel. I'm amazed by the difference the story evokes within you when you take it from written words in your Bible to a visible reenactment.

In-between jobs on set and reading cue sheets, I found myself profoundly moved by each moment of the show. Set in the picturesque outdoor landscape of WIntershall Estate with a brilliantly authentic costume and prop department, the story really comes to life and immerses the audience into the reality of the story of our saviour.

The passion with which the actors convey the story is visible and one cannot resist being marked by the transforming story of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I'd highly recommend this show, and other Wintershall events to all, young and old alike. It's an experience you have to see for yourself!

Here are just a few snapshot memories from this years production....

Act 1 ~ The Nativity scene from the Audience perspective

Act 2 ~ Jesus teaching In Capernaum

Act 3 ~ Audience seating for act 3

Act 3 ~ The Crucifixion

Act 4 ~ The Sea of Galilee

James Burke-Dunsmore who plays Jesus

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