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The First Friday of Lent

Do you know the Nineva in your life?

Are you brave enough, to be like Jonah and face Nineva. Can you shout out the truth and call for repentance?

Can you send for the sackclothes and resist the flavour of life until you are right with God?

We don't repent out of fear. We repent out of desparation for a saviour. Desparation from knowing you've tried before a failed but that you can try again becuase He's still reaching out for you.

- Read Jonah 3

If you can, read the English Standard Version. But any version will do!

- Devotional Thought

We all know the story of Jonah. We know the miracle of him being trapped in the belly of a whale and making it out alive. We know that he disobeyed God, but God was kind enough to let Him try again.

But do we remember Nineva in the story? Do we remember the tragedy of the city of Nineva who was starving for revival.

The book of Jonah isn't really all about Jonah! It's also about the redemption of a people of God who had turned from Him. A people who God had offered salvation to and yet they continued in their ways. It's then also about a man who God sent to help these people redirect their ways... and this man also continued it his own idea and went another way.

All in all its book about disobedience turned salvation. About distance form the Kingdom into closeness to the Kingdom.

Through the story of Jonah being sent to Nineva, him disobeying the call but ending up there anyway. And then the mightly unexpected repentance that takes place and God relenting of His anger... we can see this one thing...


God never gives us and neither should we.

You may have tried to overcome it before, but my friend, let me tell you that He has never stopped pursuing you discovering your freedom.

That's why Easter wasn't and then and there event. it's a daily miracle that the Son of God gave His life so that each day you can find life in Him!

Putting away your old self to pick up who you are in Him is a gift! It's not a chore!

Repentance is a mircale, not something to shy away from!

- Passage to focus on 

"When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil way, God relented of the disaster that he had said he would do to them, and he did not do it." Jonah 3vs10 ESV

- Image for today 

Allow today's image to remind you that the whale is a sign that Jonah needed assistance to get to where God was sending him. What might God be using in your life to redirect you back to the path and the calling HE has for you!?

- Prayer 

Father God,

Even though the story of Jonah sparks images of fish and whales in our minds. Remind us that it's far deepend than sea life! That Jonah's story is about your perserverance to see your people find you. That you will go to the ends of the earth and you will use the most unexpectad things to bring about the freedom you intended for us.

We are so thankful that you never give up! We are forever thankful that even when we get it wrong, fall into diobedience again or jsut forget our place with you, you are still there, waiting for us to come running back home again.

We run home again today!

- Active idea

Write a short prayer or journal entry today. Think of your Nineva. What or where in your life has God been sending you to 'sort out' that you just haven't.

Maybe today, right now and right here is a chance to go again.

Hold His hand and go into your Nineva again.

He has freedom for you!

You can use the attached coloring sheet to help you meditate on this place.

4.2 PDF
Download PDF • 169KB

Thank you for joining me today! Hope to see you again soon!

Have a blessed Lent

~ X ~

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