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I’m no literature expert or even very skilled at writing book reviews, but I do have a desire to share things that have impacted me life with others.

Just like I openly talk about my relationship with Jesus and am unashamed of expressing dependancy on the Word of God, there are also many times when I am inspired and encouraged by content circling the Christian world today.

I’ll often read things by Christian authors or listen to talks by Christian speakers and almost feel sad that I am the only one experiencing that fresh wealth of knowledge while the people right next to me have no idea about the encounter I’ve just had!

Instead of moving from book to the next book and from talk to the next talk, I’m going to take a little moment to reflect over the content I’ve enjoyed and share what I’ve learnt in a blog post under the Reviews category. This is in no ways designed to be a review section in the sense of being scrutinising or judgemental, but a way of recording and remembering the good things I’ve come across.

Most of the time, what I read, watch or listen to is based off of the recommendation of someone that I trust. In this, I truly hope that I can be that encouraging voice that will point you in the direction of being immersed in the ‘better’ materials of the world today. There is so much on our phones, screens and newspapers that are polluting our minds and corrupting our lifestyles, but there is equally (and if not far more) out there that can encourage, inspire and point us to living our lives towards a far better direction that the flow of society, things that will point us towards Jesus!

So each week, alongside my ‘Weekly thought’ post, I’ll come on to share a book, talk, post, study or something of the likes that has changed me for the better and can hopefully brighten your thought life (and point you back to Jesus!)

I’m looking forward to this intentional time of sharing the good things… I hope you will to!

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~ X ~

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