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My Morning Routine

In my own journey of health and wellbeing, fitness and faith all alongside becoming a professional dancer, I have clocked countless hours of research in so many different forms. From entertaining Youtubers and influencers to medical articles, books and my own trial and error.... And yet, I have never found the confidence to share my own knowledge! As a dancer, I have certianly experienced my share of body struggles ~ Physically, mentally and emotionally! And I have spent the better part of my life learning how to wake up each day with energy and enthusiasm to get through whatever life throws you! And you can take my word for it, life as a Christian ballet dancer can certainly throw you some curveballs!

So here I begin with sharingthe more intimate parts of the overflow of my life! Health, wellbeing, fitness and faith!

What better way to start than letting you in on my morning routine essentials! As your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, I have seen the extrodinary transformation in my own heart posture to my day when I started being intentional and creative in crafting a morning routine that I love and that supports me!


I'm both a morning and a night time person and I think I manage that because I'm intentional with what I allow into my waking hours and my bedtime hours! I wake up at 5am every day and although that sounds impossible to a lot of people ~ I got there with consistency. I have found that even on days off/weekend, waking up at the same time everyday and absorbing the morning light before looking at my phone starts me with a fresh breath in my body.


After sleeping all night, your body needs to be hydrated! And regular water doesn't actually hydrate your body. Warm water is so much easier for your body to digest than cold water and lemon will give your body minerals, vitamin C and assist in digestion first thing.


What you take into your heart and mind as you start you day will overflow in the rest of your day. Don't start on your phone - start with the truth - start with Jesus!


Your external environment affects your internal environment. By shifting little things in the space you spend your time in, you can encourage inner rest and peace. This can look like lighting a candle, getting some flowers, making a delicious drink.... It looks like beautifying your space in a way that makes you happy.


Your body was made for movement. We weren't designed to sit all day, we were made to walk, to bend, to stretch, to pick up... our bodies are so incredible and so functional and it is our responsibility to care for them! This can look like foam rolling, walking, running, Pilates, swimming, functional training.... whatever uses your entire body to bring breath, movement and life!


You will be much more likely to feel ready to get on with your day if you shower, get dressed and plan your day! Don't we all want to feel productive by the end of the day? Well, getting yourself ready literally will put you in good stead for that! The same goes for making your bed each day. Setting your space in order will keep your mind in order! I also love how I can reflect on my scripure of the day as I get myself ready for each day.


Before you get going ~ don't forget to put fuel in your tank! A high protein breakfast will set you up perfectly with the energy and sustenance to have the best day with full clarity!

So that's it!

A little bit of a insight into how I start my days. An approach that takes mind, body and soul into perspective! The older I've gotten, the more I have realised the importance of cherishing the present moment no matter how it looks... and if you have the opportunity to improve areas of your life in any way, then take charge and do it!

Being present and continually thankful for God's presence in your life will open your eyes to the beauty of right now!

~ X ~

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