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My Jesus ~ My everything

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

I don’t know what’s coming next

But I know he is already there

I don’t know where the journey leads

But He drew up the map at the beginning of time

The destination doesn’t make sense

But his plan has never been straightforward

I feel weak, unequipped

But He has and will always be all that I need

My brain tells me everything is uncertain

But he has never been more steadfast

Worry blocks my joy as anxiety crumbles my strength

But I could never do it on my own anyway

When I don’t feel enough

When I can’t see the purpose

When I want to give up

He is closer than I could ever hope for

He has never left me

In my doubt or fear

In my pain and tears

In my brokenness

His love never faltered

When I started sinking in uncertainty,

He made Himself certain

When I doubted the route,

He lit the path

When life was blurry

His face became crystal clear

When I felt dead in confusion

His voice landed with clarity

When it was all too much

He told me to let it all go

He told me to just hold onto Him

I still don’t know what’s coming next

This journey doesn’t make sense

The plan still misses many pieces

I have never felt fully equipped

And my heart falters from strength daily

But He is

He has

And will always be

My Jesus, my Everything


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