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Jesus ~ Who brings the peace amidst the storm

It’s a beautiful evening on the beach

the sun lying low in the sky.

Waves gently breaking on the shore.

You start to walk along the shoreline, but the wind closes in on you.

Noice chases you down from every side, waves, gulls, chatter.

The voice of your friend nearby even seems too loud.

Everything beats into your head and it’s easier to look down, ignore all else and power forward.

Your energy is draining, you block everything out.

Even the things that might’ve lifted your spirits, the conversation and the sun setting, you ignore.

Hat tightly on your head

Hands jammed into your pockets

Gaze set down

You head straight forward.

But you get tired, it feel like the hours are dragging like a weight on your back.

Everything is too much, too chaotic, too noisy

You can’t see where you are, hear anything or appreciate the present moment.

You stop and turn around.

And suddenly you can hear, you can see and you can breathe fully again

You turn around and the wind falls behind you.

You take in all the beauty you were missing,

You realise that you threw everything else away when you let the wind take over the soundtrack of the walk.

As you look up, the calming rhythm of the waves relaxes the tension you were holding onto

The light of the setting sun glows on your face

Fresh salty air fills your lungs

You stretch out and hug your friend

Everything’s so clear now that the noise and struggle have gone.

How much of life have you lived just like that.

Stepping out with intention but being beaten down by the force of the wind and the noise.

You’re surrounded by beauty and friends but all the dulls under the exhaustion of facing into the wind of the world.

You turn away from everything, even the good things.

But then the weight of life drags on you and you’re forced to look up, stop and turn another direction.

And you realise that as you blocked out the hinderance, you also blocked out the helpfulness.

Don’t let the noise of life block the view you have of Gods earth

You have the choice to turn the other way

To step back and let the important things fill your mind, fill your sight.

You can step away from the lie you’re believing,

The habit you’re addicted to,

The brokenness that’s crippling you.

You can turn around into the peace, away from the hinderance and into the holiness of God’s presence in the beauty of the world.

There’s only one sound that should take over in your mind, one sound that should direct your choices, one sound that should lie uninterrupted in every day in every moment.

That sound comes within voice of who’s walking beside you.

You know, that voice that seems hard to accept, or contradictory to what the world says.

It’s the one that ou can hear above the wind, if you only look up and turn away from the wind

The one walking beside you


The only one who will ever save, who will ever deliver the peace amidst the storm.

The one who never took his eyes off of you in the storm, because he’s already defeated the storm for you.

There’s no struggle for him, because he already help the struggle for you.

He’s already done it all so that you can walk in the beauty of a beach, appreciate the wind and the waves, admire the sunset and absorb the glory of his presence,

But only when you let him rise above the noise.


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