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We're all searching for something...

We have physical, spiritual, emotional, mental desperations and many times than we'd openly admit to, we have tried to fill those voids with meaningless, fleeting vises that never satisfy and leave us longing for more, seeking for something to fill the emptyness.

Our world is full of seeking...

Our culture is full of searching...

Our society is so deperate to provide an answer that it's given us option upon option to change ourselves to fit the need.

But they're offering us changes that God never designed us to take.

Society is telling us that the answer to our emptiness is found in the re-writing of my story to fit what the world thinks I should be... Then, I will be happy, it tells us.

But that's how the enemy works.

You're never good enough in his eyes and his target is to challenge what God said.

Don't buy the lie!

The almalgamation of exactly who you were born to be is the perfect solution God created when He brought you to earth. Not the person you changed yourself into because you wanted acceptance.... God has plans and gifts to unleash to the Earth through you, the you that HE created.

That's what your hunger is all about.

The empty feeling, it's your heart waiting the redemption of God.

We're all sinners awaiting His redemption.

None of us are exempt, it's all a matter of turnin g your searching in the world into a hunger for the One who created the world.

Listen to this by David, Nicole and Madison Binion

" ‘Cause there’s a hunger

And a thirst

I am desperate

Immerse me

I’m not waiting

Not anymore

I need You Lord."

When I put this song on to dance to, it was the simple, poignant, steady invitation to ignite my soul to shift my hunger to the Lord.

I could try to perform for myself or for others, I could dance until my feet were bleeding to make something stage worthy. But that wasn't the point.

I didn't record the dance becuase it needed to be perfect and acceptable to the viewer, I made it becasue God's love for you is perfect and waiting for you to accept it into your heart.

And in the surrender of offering my gift of dancing to be used by God, I was filled with a beautiful joy and peace from Him. The balance in arabesque that I held longer than I thought I would ~ that was the Lord telling me "Keep going in what and who I designed you to be... and I can use your testimony to bring othes to the joy of my love."

This song fills my soul because it's the truth. We are all desperate and we all need Jesus. He didn't come for perfection and He didn't come for performance. He came to health the sick, bind the broken and save the lost.

He came for those of us who need a sviour.

He came for those of us who want more than we see right now.

He came for us all.

(Mark 2vs17 NLT)
"When Jesus heard this, he told them, 'Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.' "

We are all eligible for Jesus.

None of us are exempt.

His love is enough to save back even the furtherest of hearts.

~ X ~

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