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Fourth Sunday of Lent

There are those who will be passionately against us and those who will be passionately for us.

They will try to determine our God based on what they see in our lives... But our task throughout this life is to learn to treat everyone with the same love and compassion regardless of their thoughts and opinions... We must remember that our joy is not found in others or in the approval or reaction of those around us but in our God and in our passionate pursuit of Him regardless of whether the people around us are for us or against us!

- Read Psalm 78 

In the Passion Translation if you can.

- Devotional Thought

By recounting the ways that the Lord has worked in your life before, you can open a path to believe for more. It also paves the way to show others that He is a God who cares and who comforts, who sees and who loves. By remembering our testimony, we take hold of the power to break free from what binds us in our past. It's in the moments when they will say “can God really provide for us?” where we will live in the power of our testimony of times before... And we will say “Yes He can!” Again and again and again.

The power of a miracle is often most evident in retrospect when you look back and analyse the situation and there you realise that He was putting together miracles to answer problems you hadn’t even seen yet.

By following in the way of those who have recorded God's wonder-working power in their lives, we too can break free from the bondage of the past and fear or the future and remind ourselves again and again that He is alive and He is moving!

- Passage to focus on 

“The story of Israel is a lesson in God’s ways. He established decrees for Jacob and established the law in Israel, and he commanded our forefathers to teach them to their children. For perpetuity God’s ways will be passed down from one generation to the next, even to those not yet born. In this way, every generation will set its hope in God and not forget his wonderful works but keep his commandments. By following his ways they will break the past bondage of their fickle fathers, who were a stubborn, rebellious generation and whose spirits strayed from the eternal God. They refused to love him with all their hearts.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭78‬:‭5‬-‭8‬ ‭TPT‬‬

- Image for today 

A cactus tells of resiliance, it tells of dependance, it tells of reliance. Becuase it can't provide, it has to rely on the one who can provide!

- Prayer 

Father God,

We know you have gone before us, we know you have gone before those who have gone before us. We will not hold onto bondage but we will hold onto freedom.

We thank you for your continuos wonder-working power in us and our families and we trust you for more!

- Active idea

Where in your life are you holding onto a bondage that you know the Lord has set you free from? We often hold onto things far too long because we haven't fully stepped into believing that He has already set us free... But He has ~ so choose to walk in that today! Write down you thoughts on this using the attached colouring sheet.

27.2 PDF
Download PDF • 346KB

Thank you for joining me today! Hope to see you again soon!

Have a blessed Lent

~ X ~

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