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Fear and My Jesus

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It came in as a friend... you know the kind of friend who seems too good to be real.

Who seems to love you,

want the best for you

and sticks with you through everything.

Until their nearness strangles you.

Until the fun subsides because it sees God coming for you.

It won't let you accept that there could be better their could be brighter, so you believe it.

You side with it because after all these years, surely it know you best?

You turn away from the warning signs because all the others wouldn't really understand.

Opportunities come and opportunities go, and fear keeps you held because surely you're safer here.

Risk holds out it's hand but fear says, "oh no that's far too dangerous."

Fear tells you it's got your back, it's looking out for you, it's holding the comfortable space you need.

And you believe it because you're scared.

But then you turn a corner into something really difficult and you are forced to lift your eyes.

Fear was NOT my friend.

You see the God of the heavens and the earth and you see His love pouring down on you.

You are awakened to His goodness throughout your entire life.

You realise that it was actually Him that wasn't letting you fall.

And fear is revealed as a liar.

A poison that's slow to kill.

A comfort that numbed you soul.

We're all far to proud to admit that we were friends to fear.

We turned the other cheek when we saw the first signs of harm but it was too late because we fell in the deep.

We've all allowed it to steal parts of us, because we subsided to believing it had good intentions.

We let it dull precious moments because we were too weak to see any other option.

Fear always sides as your friend, but it's really the biggest lie to ever enter your head.

It comes softly and sweetly and before you realise it, you've had too much and your sick to the core.

It's the little spark that erupts into uncontainable shatters.

It warms the tears that constantly sit hiding behind your eyes, willing you to be strong enough to not let them show.

Fear is ugly

Fear is hurtful

Fear does not hold back

Fear will not linger silently, it comes for a full attack.

Whatever you face and wherever your hope is placed, fear is a parasite that won’t stay away.

In fact, fear is attracted to the light that the Saviour brings.

Fear delights in making you doubt Him.

Fear rejoices when you feel the emptiness within.

Fear finds it’s strength when you let it freely reign.

But fear doesn't have the right to your heart.

You can let this fear go.

Because your heart is not it's home.

There is someone who has a home in your heart, and your home is in His hand.

This someone is Jesus, and in Him is the true life.

Fear doesn't want the best for you, it wants to take the best from you.

But in My Jesus I have found who I am supposed to be.

I am loved

And you are loved.

I am cherished

And you are cherished.

I am wanted

And you are wanted.

I have a bright future

And you have a bright future.

I am confident of this because the Hope that brought the life back into me is from the one who created the wonderful world you see.

Jesus is the only one you need.

You see, fear only lingers with you as long as you hold onto it.

You might be exhausted now, you might be on your knees.

But fear knows that the war is not won with weapons and warfare, but in surrender and in Worship.

When you reach the end of yourself and you find Jesus in your heart, fear knows it needs to go because Jesus love you far too much for fear's lies to ever ring true.

Jesus wipes away the pain and He binds up the wounds. He lifts the veil of shame and he nourishes the regret of the past.

My Jesus gave me hope,

My Jesus gave me peace.

He calmed the raging seas,

He gave me grace and life.

I am set free.

Fear still flies around this world, like a bug in the summer is swarms in uninvited.

But with My Jesus, I have every weapon I need to make it stay away.

Each day, I say goodbye to fear,

I say, "you can leave me now."

I say, "I don't need you now."

I say, "my life has purpose now."

And he goes.

He goes because of My Jesus

I said goodbye to fear.

It's out of my heart, but not out of this world.

I see it sometimes.

At the shops or across the road, when I get the bills or when I look in the mirror.

Unless I invite it in, it doesn't have a say in my mind, it can't run a lie through my thoughts.

Because we're not entwined anymore, I sent it out in the name of Jesus, and out it remains.

I am free, free indeed

And it’s all because of my Jesus, my Jesus who holds the key.

He binds the fear and he sets loose the freedom.

He brings love, a love worth living for.

~ X ~

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