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Easter Weekend (Maundy Thursday ~ Easter Sunday)

Jesus sat down to a meal with His closest friends. Knowing what was going to take place, He still looked forward to sharing the meal with them. How much love for these must He have had to overcome the discomfort of the days ahead. And not just love for them, but for you.

When Mary knelt to wash His feet with her oil of Nard and hair, He knew that you would recite her actions again and again each time you read the Scriptures, and when Peter firmly promised to never disown His teacher, Jesus already knew which rooster would crown on the third denial.

These events, this story, the meals and houses, friends and donkeys. Kisses and swords. They tell of the greatest love. Why? Because they surpass our comprehension. That the Beloved Son of the Most High God would step down from His place, live a humble life collecting a motley group of oddly matched friends to journey from city to city being torn between acceptance and scorn. That this Man would know the plans for His life and the pain that lay ahead and still invite the ones who would facilitate such things into His inner circle. This Man who would heal the one who arrested Him, who would forgive the ones on the road to His death, who would not back down from the truth even when truth drew the card that paved the way to His death. A cruel, heartless, scornful, gruesome death.

The death that looked like the end until it didn’t.

The death that shook the world and religion.

The death that left a silent pool in a chaotic river of life.

The death that breathed life into you.

That is Easter

That is Jesus

~ X ~

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