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Another realm

This morning when I read my Bible, I was amazed to find three different verses, from three different books in both Old and New Testament which all reference the Spiritual Realm...

Before I tell you why this was so meaningful, here are the verses (I encourage you to look these up in your own Bible, highlight and write them down! There's no better way to learn Scripture than being active in it!)...

(1 Chronicles 21vs16 NIV)
"David looked up and saw the angel of the Lord standing between heaven and earth, with a drawn sword in his hand extended over Jerusalem."

(Revelation 14vs6 NIV)
"And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people."

(Ezekiel 8vs2 NIV)
"I looked, and I saw a figure like that of a man. a From what appeared to be his waist down he was like fire, and from there up his appearance was as bright as glowing metal."

Last night, I joined an awesome zoom meeting with a bunch of artists who are Christians where we basically discuss our faith in relation to our quirks as Christians and artists. We discussed the verse in Exodus where Moses tells God to never leave them...

(Exodus 33vs15 NIV)
"Then Moses said to him,“If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here."

In the meeting, we spoke about partnership with God. How He has invited us to come up to higher places. He has already opened the door to accessing more than what we see, He has opened the door to His presence!

(Revelation 4vs1 AMP)
After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a [war] trumpet speaking with me, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.

He has invited us to be co-labourers

(Colossians 3vs9 ESV)
“For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.

If these verses are true – and of course they are because they’re in the Bible! Then of course He would grant us the priceless gift of accessing the Spiritual realm. Yet, we often cast this off as ‘wishful thinking’ in the midst of the ‘reality of everyday life.’ But when I came across these three verses in one day that all touched the prospect of the Spiritual realm (Angels of fire, Angels preaching the Everlasting Gospel, Angels between Heaven and Earth….) It spoke to my soul again that our confidence is not in this world and what we see in our daily life. Our confidence is God-confidence and it is seated in higher places with more life and more unspoken glory than we could muster up ourselves.

What if God has angels waiting to meet us on our daily missions as we let go and tap into the life He has laid out for us. If it’s written in His Word, it’s there. It’s possible and it’s His desire for us to encounter Him through it!

Open your eyes to the wonderful, unexpected miracles, moment and experiences and you take the hand of the one who created you and has so much more planned for you than you could imagine!

~ X ~

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