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What do I get up to each day?

"For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." 

(Luke 6vs45)

So after reading my story, you might be wondering what I get up to each day... or what I'm 'doing' with my life now! 


So I thought I'd let you in.... 


First of all, I'll start here and say that one day I dream every single day of dancing professionally again. I dream of finding my tribe who dance for Jesus. A Christian community to embrace their creativity to live a joyful life. 

But until that is a possibility (watch this space....)

I wake up each day and look after my body by foam rolling and gently stretching. I make my bed and a pot of tea and I sit and read the Word with Jesus. I am currently reading through the entire Bible again this year. 

Then I put my workout kit on and do a full body, weight and resistance workout that targets my body for strength and stamina whilst including necessary movement combinations to enhance my ballet technique. 

I'll then shower, eat breakfast and get ready for my day. 

If I'm not spending the day on a shift at the coffee shop where I'm training to be a barista, I'm working on my blog and art collection. Alongside my dancing dreams, I have a dream of using the passion I have for spending time in prayer and worship to create pieces of art that point people towards Jesus. These are available for sale on my blog and every item purchased will be sponsoring the furthering of my dancing. 


Each afternoon I go for a walk and I spend time stretching and mobilising my body. These are two things that I use the time to also tap into my prayer life. To talk to God and thank Him that I have a body and lungs. That I can move and enjoy moving. 


I'll take a Ballet class if the finances allow it and I also teach Pilates and Floor Barre when the opportunities come. I babysit and dog walk and can be bribed with good coffee!

I love baking and recipe creation, I love reading and being outside. I eat chocolate and salads every day and the hardest thing about life is living so far away from my family! (None of them live anywhere near me!)

I walk into each day asking Jesus for the eyes to see Him in each moment. For the strength to portray the fruits of the spirit to those around me and to take the courage to love my body just as the Lord made it and to remember to rest (I'm not very good at that!)

Should I share more about my daily life? Let me know in the comments!

~ X ~

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