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"For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." 

(Luke 6vs45)

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Out of the Overflow is, simply (and Biblically) put, the overflow of my heart!

I believe that every creative gift is from the Lord, and that we are intrinsiclty created by the Creator God to be creative, to use our imagination and bring Him glory through how He has blessed us uniquely and individually.

Dancing, drawing, writing, cooking, being in nature, laughing... whatever it looks like on the outside, I am on a journey to cultivate my heart to to live a life of Worship, to see Jesus in everything and serve Him in anything! 

From spending time with Jesus to my daily creative process to following the call of the Lord in my life, here's your invitation to join me on this adventure through life with the Lord.

You can read my blog, be inspired by dance videos and support my art store!

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