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"For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." 

(Luke 6vs45)

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Whatever you sow into your life will determine the frit of your life. The Bible talks abot us being co-labourers with Christ and in order to be the Body of Jesus to the world around us, His Words and His Spirit must be our first influence. 

We can't share the joy and goodness of the Lord if we can't cultivate joy and goodness in our own life in even the littlest things! 

And that is what you'll find here! As I share my life as a young Christian in what can be a complicated world. As I weave my walk with Jesus in and through every aspect of my life, cultivating a purity of heart, a landscape of joy and an instinct to worship through my morning coffee, love for wellbeing, passion for creativity and career as a ballerina. 


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