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Creativity through art is the visual, outward presentation of the inward workings of the Lord.

Creating with the Lord bypasses the mind and dives straight to the soul. Art has the power to shift the atmosphere, bring freedom, ignite hope and spark joy and change trajectory.

Partnering with the Lord through art reminds us that we were made to Worship, we were made to spend time with Him, we were made for connection and communion.

I have always been a creative person, always loved using my imagination and creating something tangoble out of it. But it wasn't until a couple years ago that I realised that extrodinary power of creativity in our Spiritual health.

We are all made in the image of  the Creator God! Look at the world around you, the plants and animals, foods and drinks, mountain highs and oceans deep. If we were made in the image of a God who made all of this, how can we not be drawn to steward our creativity to express the Kingdom on the earth. 

For a couple years now, I have been sharing elements of my own creativity. Be that through literal art, dance clips, recipes, or an overenthusiasm for the natural world around me! My goal is not to share so that I am seen, but so that your soul may be reminded that life is more than what culture has made it to be. 

Life is more than your 9-5 

Life is more than the upcoming summer holiday

Life is more than the next pay rise

Life is more than day after day survival

But unless we absorb ourselves in seeking the Lord, we will miss the more of life. 

God put a desire on my heart a while ago to seek Him through the passions He created me with. Encountering the Lord never leaves you the same as before, and when I partner with the Lord in an outlet of creativity I grow so much closer to Him than when I come in trying to learn at a student. Because when you're creating, you become a child again, you become vulnerable to showing in the physical what was hidden in the heart. 

Living a life of Worship, like we read in Scripture carries through our entire day. My intention is to exude that in all that I do so that wherever I go and whatever I share won't do anything less than point people towards Jesus! 

I have decided to put my art works for sale, which is very exciting!

I'm no artist, but the art isn't the point, it's the background of Prayer, Worship and Scripture that's lodged deeply into each piece that is designed to bring you into encountering the Lord in a new way. In a way that returns your eyes to Him above your circumstances. 

(Everything sole goes directly towards supporting my journey of following where the Lord is taking me along the road of creativity in ministry.)

Perfectly Imperfect
Joyful, Joyful
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Psalm 27
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