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Welcome to Out of the  Overflow!

"For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." 

(Luke 6vs45)

What began in my personal journey of exploring the supernatural power of creativity and artistry in my own walk of faith has become what you see now. A platform where I share about the Love of God! 

I have always been a Christian, just like I have always been creative. But I haven't always put the two together! It's was taken some tough life experiences before I learnt to fully experience what God meant when he said; 'Let us make mankind in our own image.'  Friend, He made us in the image of divine creativity!  And this divine creativity was designed to ignite freedom that released joy, connection and communion with the Father wherever we go!

When I was 16, I set out on the hard journey of becoming a professional ballet dancer. I faced all the typical struggles one would associate with the dance world. From body image to identity to my self-worth, I have always loved dancing, but I didn't always love what being a part of the dance world meant. 

It took the global pandemic and the shutting down of a career I had given my everything to achieve for me to realise that life isn't about what I had worked it out to be. 

It's about Jesus! 

It's wasn't about my career or my paycheck. How hard I train or how thin I became. It wasn't about the roles I worked towards or the recognition that came with them. 

Life is about Jesus!

So when I was suddenly unable to dance all day everyday, I relaised that I had narrowed my view of God right down. I had abandoned the reality that a walk of faith is a walk of life and that the creative, energetic and joyful child God had made me to be, the one who loved flowers and chocolate, rainbows and dancing was exactly the person He intended me to be right now, today! 

And I began to learn again that the things I had always loved doing were the things that He planted inside of me that were intended to carry my relationship with Him. 

I started being intentional with what I took into my life and what I  produced through my life. I noticed how my joy changed when I started seeing Jesus in EVERYTHING and How EVERYTHING has the power to teach you more about who Jesus is!

It was a journey of learning that before the fall, all the beautiful things that we each uniquely and individually enjoy doing  were created as Worship, as a way to give glory to God! And that since before the beginning of time, God knew you and had plans for you and had the intention to release those desires into your heart for you to discover yourself more as you opened your heart to the more of Him.

I'm a dancer by trade, but I also love art and writing. I enjoy baking and hugs, I enjoy movies and the ovean, I love exercising and helping others make healthier choices.... And the truth is that each one of these things has the power to transform my life to allow more of Jesus in and to allow people to see more of Jesus through how I lived. 

So I began to share clips of my dancing, images of my artwork and kept writing about my life as a Christian in the artsy world. It hasn't always been easy and often I have been the only believer in a field of creatives, or sometimes the only creative in a field of believers! But by sharing the things that I love doing most transformed itself into content that points people to Jesus.

The overflow of your heart is the outward reflection of your inner world. I pray that as I press into my walk of faith in everything that I do, that God will be able to work through me and use what I share to encourage you, to bring you joy and mostly, to bring you closer to Him so that you too can find the transforming power of living as if God is real! 

I'm only getting started in this journey, but I all here for it! I've got exciting things ahead but right now there is one task at hand, 

Live for today and Live for Jesus!

~ X ~

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